Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's a holiday here right now. Why? they say its a muslim holiday but who am I to complain that its a holiday here. Whatever the holiday is, i really dont care as long as there is no work at the office ... It doesn't matter anyways, I am not celebrating as I am heading to Hervey Bay in Australia soon to go whale watching. Should be fun. I am not sure though, there is going to be at least ten of us going so it will be more of a booze run then whale watching tour. I just finished reading the book by Jessica Zafra and I really found it very nice. Its a collection of stories by her and very nicely written. I enjoyed her humor approach to writing ... very down to earth.Tonight I am going to catch the finale episode of "Six Feet Under".

This is one of my favorite shows on TV. If on a tuesday at 10pm you would like to know where I would be, well I would be sitting in front of the TV set, seriously watching Six Feet Under on HBO. I really love the characters in the series and the way they go about their daily lives but still keeping the importance of being a family together. I cant wait for the new season to start. Although I got hook to the series a little late when it started but the moment I got to watch it, I was glued to it and cant wait to watch it again.